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ArtsJournal bloggers are some of the savviest and most-read arts bloggers on the web. Beginning March 2008, you can advertise on the site of your favorite blogger. Each AJBlog reaches a devoted audience of arts lovers. You can advertise on individual blogs, pick a channel: visual arts, music, or general culture; or you can buy an ad to appear across the entire AJBlog community. We'll be adding blogs to the AJBlogs ad platform over the next few months.

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Blogs we're currently offering for ads:

Visual Art ~ 5,500 pages daily

aestheticgroundsad.gifAesthetic Grounds The web's premiere blog about issues in public art. Written by Glenn Weiss.

anotherbbad.gifAnother Bouncing Ball Regina Hackett takes her Art to Go

artopiaad.gifArtopia is an art diary featuring critic John Perreault's evaluations of the art he sees in galleries, museums, public spaces, and sometimes in artists' studios...

culturegrrlad.gifCultureGrrl is your inside guide to the artworld, consulted daily by the most important museum directors and curators, art dealers and auctioneers, collectors, scholars, critics, journalists and art lovers. CultureGrrl (aka Lee Rosenbaum) is most avidly read for her influential critiques of best and worst practices in the field.

manad.gifModern Art Notes Tyler Green's blog about modern and contemporary art. The Wall Street Journal has called MAN "the most influential of all visual-arts blogs." Forbes magazine named MAN a "Best of the Web" site.

Real Clear ArtsReal Clear Arts Judith H. Dobrzynski is one of America's best arts reporters. Now an independent journalist, she's worked as a reporter in the culture and business sections of The New York Times, and been the editor of the Sunday business section and deputy business editor there.

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Jazz ~ 750 pages daily

jazzbeyondjazzad.gifJazz Beyond Jazz What if there's more to jazz than you suppose? What if jazz demolishes suppositions and breaks all bounds? What if jazz - and the jazz beyond, behind, under and around jazz - could enrich your life? Howard Mandel, president of the Jazz Journalists Association, is on the case.

listengoodad.gifListenGood Crisis in New Orleans; the struggles of a musical culture to survive. Live music in New York and elsewhere. Life-affirming sounds caught in performance, on recordings, and anywhere else I find them. Larry Blumenfeld is a writer and editor living in Brooklyn, New York.

rifftidesad.gifRifftides is founded on Doug Ramsey's conviction that musicians and listeners who embrace and understand jazz have interests that run deep, wide and beyond jazz. Music is its principal concern, but it reaches past the fashions, trends and commercial facets of the jazz scene of the moment, month or year.

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Classical ~ 1750 pages daily

postclassicad.gifPostClassic So classical music is dead, they say. Well, well. This blog will set out to consider that dubious factoid with equanimity, if not downright enthusiasm. Kyle Gann is a composer, music critic, musicologist, and music professor.

sandowad.gifSandow Greg Sandow is best known as an expert on the future of classical music. "I find myself saying that this is like being an expert on extraterrestrial life; nobody knows anything for sure about either subject. But it's certainly true that I've made a study of everything (or at least everything I can think of) that relates to this subject."

slippeddiscad.gifSlipped Disc Norman Lebrecht is one of the foremost writers on the workings of classical music.

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Dance ~ 500 pages daily

footinmouthad.gifFoot in Mouth If nearly everybody likes to move and watch others move, why are dance audiences so small? Apollinaire Scherr writes on dance for Newsday and hosts discussions about dance on her blog.

tobiasad.gifSeeing Things Tobi Tobias lives in New York City, where she writes about dance and other things worth looking at. She is dance critic for Bloomberg News and has written for New York Magazine and the New York Times

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Publishing ~ 800 pages daily

bookdaddyad.gifbook/daddy for more than two decades, Jerome Weeks is the arts producer- reporter for KERA, the NPR/PBS station for Dallas-Fort Worth. Before that, he was the book columnist for The Dallas Morning News for ten years

quickstudyad.gifQuick Study Speculations, mediations, musings, glosses, and occasional dire mutterings at barely audible volume. Scott McLemee is an essayist, critic, and digital feuilletonist (rather like being a blogger, only it sounds more distinguished somehow).

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Theatre ~ 300 pages daily

liesad.giflies like truth Chloe Veltman is a San Francisco Bay Area-based theatre critic, arts journalist and musician. She is theatre critic for SF Weekly

stagewritead.gifStage Write Stage Write is a blog about time-based art, and our changing relationship to performances that require protracted attention. Elizabeth Zimmer has been writing about the arts since 1971, beginning as a freelancer for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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Advertising on AJBlogs
Get your message in front of the most discerning, most informed arts audience on the net. ArtsJournal hosts some of the best arts bloggers on the web. Our network of arts bloggers can get your message out to the world.

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